District Board

The Delta Conservation District, initially known as the Delta Soil Conservation District, was organized according the Colorado Soil Conservation Act. It is a political subdivision of the State of Colorado and its authorities, powers and structure are contained in Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 35, Article 70.  The Delta Conservation District was established in May 1, 1951 by a petition of more than 25% of the landowners in compliance with Revised Statutes and subsequently received the certificate of organization by the Colorado Secretary of State.

The District governing body is comprised of a nine member Board of Supervisors. The election, qualifications, term of office and duties of the board shall be provided in Section 35-70-101 through 35-70-121 of the Soil Conservation Act, as presented in the District By-Laws. Each Supervisor on the Board is elected by qualified electors of the District and is limited to two consecutive terms of office as set forth in the Colorado Constitution Article XVIII, 11(1) and Amendment 17. Elections are held every two years in even number years.

Regular meetings of the Board are held on the second Monday each month. The times and location of said meetings are chosen annually at the District’s first regular meeting of the new calendar year. Notice of the time and place designated for all regular meeting is posted in at least three public places within the limits of the District, as well as in the office of County Clerk and Recorder. Special Meetings of the Board can be called with a notice to the public of at least three days prior to said meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes:

Nov. 9, 2015 Minutes
Oct 13, 2015 Minutes
Sept. 14, 2015 Minutes
Aug. 10, 2015 Minutes
July 13, 2015 Minutes
June 13, 2015 Minutes
Mar 9 2015 Minutes
Feb 9 2015 Minutes
Jan 12 2015 Minutes
Dec 08 2014 Minutes
Nov-3-14 Minutes
October 6 2014 Minutes
September 8 14 minutes
August 11 2014 Minutes
July 14, 2014 Minutes
June 9 2014 minutes
May 12 2014 minutes
april 19 2014 annual meeting
Mar 10 minutes
Feb 10 2014 minutes
Jan 13 2014 minutes

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