The Delta Conservation District coffee and pie series returns. The Conservation District will conduct the 1st workshop of a 3 part series on March 10th at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center, 531 N. Palmer Street, Delta from 6:30-9PM covering on farm irrigation systems. John Miller, the District’s Irrigation Water Management Specialist, will discuss on farm irrigation options and the advantages and disadvantages of different irrigation systems. Vendor representatives will be on hand to answer questions about their irrigation system offerings. An NRCS representative will cover funding opportunities and the new cost share incentives. An opportunity to provide the NRCS feedback on its incentives and programs will be available. Call to reserve a place and your piece of pie 970-874-5726 X121 or email

2015-2016 snowpack comparison: What a difference a year makes

Water and Climate Update
January 28, 2016

The Natural Resources Conservation Service produces this weekly report using data and products from the National Water and Climate Center and other agencies. The report focuses on seasonal snowpack, precipitation, temperature, and drought conditions in the U.S.

We are currently about halfway through the snow accumulation season in the West. A comparison of snowpack conditions now versus those of a year ago reveals some significant contrasts.
In the Cascades and Sierra, there was virtually little to no snow in 2015, whereas this year, snowpacks are near to above normal.
Similarly, snowpacks were well below normal in the Southwest (including the circled area of Arizona but also parts of Utah and Colorado to the north) in 2015, whereas now they are above normal.
In Wyoming, we see the opposite contrast. Near to above normal snowpacks in 2015 are well below normal this year. Open the report>>

2016 Western Slope Soil Health Conference is right around the corner.

Early registration of the 2016 Western Slope Soil Health Conference ends on January 29, 2016

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Annual Food and Farm Forum

Registration is open for the Western Slope Food and Farm Forum. This years conference is titled:

Farming the Future: Tools, Tips, Talent

This year the Forum will be held on January 23rd of 2016 at the Montrose Pavilion and will feature 18 breakout sessions, including:

• Fencing Friends and Foes
• The Colorado Water Plan Unveiled
• Planning for Profit
• #FarmingIsPublicService: Building a Grassroots Campaign to Reform Federal Farm Policy
• Best Management Tips for a Healthy Herd

Open the above link to register early and see additional information about the pre-conference field trips.

Western Snowpack Report February 2015

The Gunnison Basin is at roughly 77% of average for the 2015 Water Year (Starting Oct 1st of 2014). Water Year to date



















However it has been a very dry January with a 41% of normal precip for that month.  February is looking dry as well, so we may be in for a dry summer.  Stay tuned.

January Precip