With funding support from Delta County and Colorado State Conservation Board, Delta Conservation District is pleased to offer local producers technical support provided by Guillermo Mosqueda our newest District Conservation Technician. Guillermo is a part time student at Delta Montrose Technical College studying drafting. This education, along with training provided by NRCS Professional Engineer, Robert Gallegos, Guillermo has become proficient at surveying ditches and layout of irrigation pipe, measuring for water flow, assisting with project drawings and follow up inspection. He has proven to be an asset not only for producers but also for the Delta Conservation District and local NRCS office.

Guillermo staying warm while surveying in Crawford


Low-Interest Loans available for Energy Efficiency Projects

Local businesses planning energy efficiency improvements are eligible for low interest loans available through the Delta Conservation District.  The District’s Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan fund currently has up to $26,000 available to lend at 5% interest.  These loans can be used to fund a wide variety of equipment or other improvements that increase energy efficiency.  Applicants must also show how the planned improvements save or create jobs in Delta County.  For more information on this program, contact the Delta Conservation District at:  (970) 874-5726 extension 121.

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